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Heidi Whitman

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Global Strategy Officer, Swiss Queen GmbH

An entrepreneurial spirit transformed into a consultant and currently serving as the Global Strategist for Swiss Queen GmbH, Switzerland, Heidi's career has been marked by the creation of highly profitable businesses dedicated to enhancing the well-being of both animals and humans.

She adheres to principles of trust, openness, and transparency, cultivating a remarkable global community of loyal clients, strategic partners, and valuable contacts over several decades.

As a passionate advocate for alternative paths in natural health and environmental sustainability, she actively expands her knowledge and network, connecting with like-minded individuals and businesses. Her overarching mission is to empower people and their pets through the transformative potential of plant-based solutions.

Heidi says her journey is defined by a steadfast commitment to optimizing lives, fostering a healthier planet, and creating a positive impact in the realms of health and sustainability.


Global Strategy Officer, Swiss Queen GmbH

Adviser, Pet Pharmaceuticals Limited


Co-Founder, EmpowHer Cannabis Society

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