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Inbar Maymon-Pomeranchik


Founder, Biodiligence

Dr. Inbar Maymon-Pomeranchik, is a scientist and Biotech Investment Consultant Expert, specializing in Life science, Biotech, Ag-tech and a particular expertise in the global medical cannabis industry.

Inbar brings more than 15 years of experience in molecular & genetic research and as an R&D researcher and project leader in the Biotech industry in large, small and start-up technology corporates.

Due to Inbar’s vast knowledge, you will often see her speaking at global conferences, sharing her knowledge and exposing investors to insights, various opportunities and key industry topics.

As an investment consultant, Inbar was responsible for the scientific DD and achieved a major goal by introducing & contributing to the closing of investments in highly promising companies.

Inbar is the Founder of Biodiligence. BioDiligence’s mission is to help investors and biotech companies to make the best decisions possible while bringing them expertise which is essential to deliver value. The Biodiligence team consists of highly educated analysts, all proven experience in biotechnology, agricultural biotechnology, and medical cannabis.

Biodiligence work helps to create an environment for investors allowing them to focus their time and resources on evaluating an appropriately researched deal, instead of assessing technology and capabilities.

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