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GCNC Masterclass Series

As regulations and standards continue to evolve around the world within the cannabis industry, savvy business leaders know the value of learning from experts to avoid costly mistakes and get it right the first time.

The GCNC is now offering select trainings in partnership with cannabis industry professionals who bring decades of experience to assist companies in achieving financial success, and to work with governments and regulatory agencies in shaping optimal frameworks. 

These courses will assist you in:

  • Building in efficiencies and reduce risk of disrupted operations or wasted product

  • Ensuring employees are trained to the latest industry standards 

  • Benefitting from lessons learned in North American cannabis and getting to profit faster

  • PLUS – Get direct access to live instructors and international cannabis professionals

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IoCann Masterclass

Leveraging the power of its global network, the GCNC offers exclusive access to professional courses curated for operators, stakeholders and governing bodies to optimize the regulations and business of legal cannabis starting at just $200 per participant. 

Masterclass Series Providers

Cannabis Business Ecosystem Overview & In-Depth Options
Institute On Cannabis

9 units delivered online or in-person, available in English or French. Each unit is designed to provide participants with the industry specific knowledge needed to navigate the complexity and pace of the cannabis industry. Units conclude with an interactive question and answer session with an industry expert. Customizable for your needs.

About the Provider
Delivered by Pierre Killeen LL. B LL. L, an expert in government, law and cannabis policy who helps governments and companies build sustainable legal cannabis systems. After serving as a senior executive with a major publicly listed player during the legalization of cannabis in Canada, Pierre became the Vice President of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs with the Cannabis Council of Canada, playing a key role in the Council becoming Canada’s cannabis industry association. Leveraging his extensive network across the global cannabis landscape, Pierre will be joined by industry professionals with experience in the commercialization of cannabis.


Beneficial for: 

  • Governments, Operators and Supply Chain participants can offer specialized trainings to their employees, accelerating their learning curve and helping them navigate the complexity of the regulated legal cannabis industry. 

  • Industry Associations can offer courses to their members in support of their capacity building efforts and their revenue generation needs. 

  • Industry Associations and Operators can use the trainings to support their efforts to legalize cannabis by offering the classes to decision-makers in politics, government, industry and civil society. 

  • Cannabis Conference Organizers can add one or all of the Master Class units to their programming offering and to earn additional revenues from sponsorships and ticket sales. 


Selection of course topics: 
1. Politics and Policy of Adult-Use Cannabis - Explore the political, social, and economic issues connected to the legalization of adult-use cannabis.

2. Cannabis’ Legal and Regulatory Frameworks – Understand the licensing and regulation of cannabis producers, testing labs, distributors, and retailers in federal and state systems.​

3. The Commercial Environment – Survey the legal cannabis commercial environment and gain business insights from the implementation of legal adult-use cannabis.​

4. The Cannabis Industry Supply Chain - Explore the evolution of the cannabis supply chain and how the parts of the ecosystem fit together.​

5. Lessons Learned for Governments, Operators, and Stakeholders - Understand industry challenges, evolving public policy issues, and international trends.

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Are you a trainer who’s interested in providing specialized content through the GCNC Masterclass series? We are looking for qualified partners.

Hache Kloet Masterclass
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