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Rifhat Jubeenh


Rifhat Jubeenh is a highly accomplished, commercially astute, and collaborative Advisory Board Member, and a recognized thought leader in go-to-market transformation and supply chain optimization within the medicinal cannabis, CBD wellness, and hemp industry. With over 15 years of experience in strategic business management across diverse sectors, Rifhat brings comprehensive understanding and strategic insights to support Boards and leadership teams in navigating the complexities of this evolving landscape. Her track record of transformative strategy development and execution, forging strategic partnerships, and fostering
sustainable growth underscores her ability to deliver tangible results.

Rifhat's perspective on the industry is uniquely informed by her commercial acumen, exceptional foresight, and comprehensive experience in strategic business management. With a keen eye for market dynamics and emerging trends, Rifhat will bring a fresh and insightful viewpoint to GCNC, enabling her to assess and understand the unique needs of any trade organisations that join. Her ability to anticipate market shifts, identify growth opportunities, and navigate regulatory complexities will be invaluable in driving strategic initiatives and fostering collaboration within the association. Moreover, Rifhat's commitment to integrity, inclusivity, and innovation aligns with the values of GCNC, making her a valuable asset in guiding the organization towards strategic objectives.

Director of Business
and Strategy,

Fontus Health

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